Monday, May 19, 2008

Shayanne on Ebay

This week end was a long one because of the Victoria Day.
I finished an Anime Bear, Shayanne.
Here is her picture
I took pictures outside and inside the photograph tent.

She is on Ebay for the moment at the following link :
Today I'm finishing a project Mistery Crochet Teddy Bear ; Karen wrote the pattern ; I don't have the use to follow any pattern because my finished teddy is very different than the one on the pictures ; now, it was a project without any image... so, I was free to give the look I wanted to give.
Birs Again.
Today we saw our first Hummingbird ; I like them ; I tried to take picture through the window where they come drinking the nectar we prepare for them ; but it's too early in the season ; they are very afraid ... and my cats do not help me at all.
So my husband took a picture ... a wonderful one....

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