Tuesday, March 24, 2015

New kittens

This week-end, Bella gave us 3 new babies, Spock, Tibuddy and Bilulu.
The story of Bella, a rescued cat who decided 2 months ago to live with us.
She was outside, with nobody to take care of her, and -30 as temperature.
We asked to people around if Bella belongs to someone...and no, she was alone.
What we did not know, she was pregnant, at the very beginning of her pregnancy.
So, labor was long and she has been very courageous but she needed our help with the second one, who was presenting his back in place of the head.
So, she lost a lot of strength there and we had to help her for the third one too.
We think that we have 2 males and 1 girl. ...but we will see.....
And our surprise, one has a short tail, I will show you, on pictures I took.

Friday, March 20, 2015

My newest pattern,Thread Crochet Bear, 3.5 in.

Today, the Ailsa pattern has been released on Etsy.

Let me introduce my newest Thread Crochet Teddy Bear Pattern, made from thread.

Crochet Level: Medium and Advanced Beginners

The pattern contains 11 pages of clear instructions, a lot of pictures, fully detailed and you will learn a new technique for filling the head of your teddy bear, how to make a 3D embroidered nose and how to make correctly bendable arms.

This is a pattern that will bring your own creativity to a new level, 

You will need :

Size 10 steel crochet hook. (1.30 mm)
Cotton thread 8
3 mm black onyx eyes 
Needle nose pliers 
Polyester Fiberfill for stuffing. 
Artist pencils or pastels for shading 
Upholstery Thread for jointing 
A Wire brush to fuzz up your bear. 

Please note that all my patterns are protected and registered to Copyright under the number 


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

New Chantal Bears Store, very soon

A little post, only to mention the grand opening of my online store. We are working to present you, bears, patterns, fabrics etc.....

You can join our newsletter to be the first to visit the store.

Friday, March 06, 2015

BearHugs4u online show now open


The Teddy Bear show is now OPEN!  Visit http://www.bearhugs4u.com 
To navigate the show click on the artists name or bear to go to their individual show/sale page.  To return to the main page you can click on the show banner or use your back button. If you can not access the artists pages use your refresh icon (it may take a few times to clear your cache)

W are 50 artists showing our bears and animals that are for sale and the show will continue running until Sunday at 8:00pm. Thanks for showing your support, and we hope you find a few creations to add to                                                    your collection!

Princess and Shaelynn found a new Mom.


Monday, March 02, 2015

Jolie and Princess will be available for adoption, next Friday

My preview bear, Jolie and her friend Princess are ready for the March Madness Online show.

I will have 8 teddy bears and friends, large size, miniatures  etc.... and I hope to see you there.

The link for the Show is : http://www.bearhugs4u.com/