Thursday, November 26, 2009

The last three creations for the Christmas Edition

Let me present 2 new teddy bears on Ebay ; they will be my last creations for Christmas 2009, giving the time to my collectors to receive them before Christmas.

First one : LORRY

Lorry is very special for me : I spinned the thread (spinning wheel) ; the glass eyes are handmade by my husband and I sculpted her face without molds.

She is on Ebay HERE

The second one is Noella ; she did not find a Mommy until now and she is waiting HERE

The third one is ERYN ; she is a little teddy bear girl made from a mix of thread (for the furry aspect)

She is en Ebay, HERE

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I started Christmas Edition 2009

I designed two new bears for my Christmas Edition : Noella and Odelia ; a third one is on the way ; so tomorrow I will publish another message with all the links for visiting them.
But before two pictures just for you ;o)))

Noella, with her sledge.

Odelia here on her horse.