Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A new little OOAK little one in my teddy bears world, Bella

I'm proud to share with you pictures of Bella.
I made a little dress in a lilac cotton fabric.
Her face, I added light and shadows with oil painting.

She has been made for a future online show.


Thursday, July 04, 2013

Two events on Etsy

New pattern : a new pattern has been released on Etsy,Tabitha Pattern.

Let me introduce my newest Thread Crochet Teddy Bear Pattern, made from thread.

Crochet Level: Medium and Advanced Beginners

The pattern contains 11 pages of clear instructions and a lot of pictures.
This is a pattern that will bring your own creativity to a new level, 
you can do what you want with this pattern, change colors, change style, everything can be changed. 
Your creativity will be your only limit, but it will always give you a great bear.
The important feature in this creative pattern is a special filling; your teddy bear will be pose able.
You will need cotton thread and a crochet.


Ready to be adopted, Romina and Nora, prototypes of my pattern.

They are both on Etsy, as a teddy bears pair.

 2 teddy bears prototypes of my new pattern, Romina and Nora  2 teddy bears prototypes of my new pattern, Romina and Nora

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Work in Progress

I decided to design a new teddy bear for my patterns.
The process is longer than usual because I'm doing a few teddy bears from the new pattern.

Yesterday, I took pictures of 2 of them. Four have been made.
Not formal pictures, but I liked to show them in my studio....

And I used the free Editor Photoscape, recommended a fellow  teddy bear artist.
Today, I will write the pattern, the draft...
I used a new technique, not new, but new for my little ones.
The teddy bear can take any positions with the filling I used.
The result is surprising and great.

Thanks for reading.