Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mom's Day. Bears and Birds

I have been spoiled for Mom's Day ; calls from Johannie in Belgium, my little grandson Darren, call from Laura and her visit with bears accessories and gloves for gardening, roses, photos viewer so little as a credit card from my dear teddy bear husband.
A friend gave me a cat sculpture and a mini rose.
It was my day.
We spent a big part of the afternoon home and Alain and me, we took pictures of birds.
I don't know the name in English but it's such a beautiful bird, red, pink, brown...
I took also a picture of a yellow one, singing so well.
I finished also my little bear, Nilceia ; I think but I have to measure her ; she is only 2 inches.
Here is my project pictures :
1. for the mini teddy bear :

And for the birds :

The picture that will follow has been taken from my kitchen, through a window and a cross in the fence of the patio...

The result is amazing :
And now the yellow one :

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