Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New members in our family

Yesterday, Easter... for normal people, it's Rabbit, Eggs, chocolate, etc..
For us, not the same pattern ; the cat we found a few months ago, Cannelle had 4 little babies.  After 2 hours, she looked like she was having some problems with the last one, the little fourth was born but with difficulties.
I helped her a little and finally the last one was alive and healthy.

Just after supper, Candy, the bird, was on Alain's shoulder and something in her behavior looked not normal ; she was very nervous, and suddenly she laid an egg on his shoulder.

And it's not done, because of the busy day, we decided to eat something quick in case Cannelle needed more help.... the microwave broke down... change of plans... guess supper had to be a bit slower than expected.

Yes I'm talking about Easter Day...only.....

I will add few pictures of the little ones.  They are very cute...
And Cannelle is a real good mother for them.