Thursday, June 23, 2011


Since a few days now, we don't have any mail ; the Canadian Posts decided a lock out last Wednesday ; my fear, I shipped 2 teddy bears just before the lock out and I had to stop to put bears on Ebay....
However, it looks that Harper voted a new law and the employees will have to go back work on next Monday.
I continue my work and my passion ; 3 teddy bears will be ready very soon.
But, somewhere, I'm feeling that I'm so dependent of their services... and I don't like it....
I'm crossing fingers for a fast restart of Canada Posts.
I checked prices with other mail companies ; it's very expansive.
I have another solution ; going to US and bring my parcels there...
We will see....

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Teddy Bear Painter : I have been featured...

I'm so happy ; I have been featured in Bears and Buds Magazine as a teddy bear painter.
Here is the article and the link :

Canadian artist Chantal Giroux did this teddy bear piece just for our article.
Our next artist, Chantal Giroux, is an active member of Bears&Buds and makes her home to our north in Saint Johns, New Brunswick Canada. 
This delightful teddy bear artist was attracted to teddy bears right from her childhood, and they remain her passion today. 
Her daughter Laura, who is also a teddy bear artist, is quick to praise her mother’s talents. 
Chantal’s work includes her expressions in knitting, crochet, tatting, painting, embroidery and a long list of other forms of creating amazing teddy bears. 
Daughter Laura says “Mom made her first crochet bear about 7 years ago, and I still have it! Bear making is not a job for her; it is her life.” 
Take a look at Chantal’s other creations too.
Chantal Giroux