Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Second Award

I received a second award for my blog from a lovely lady, T you, Innochka! I moved! (and

Now, what I and you should do ...
1. Place on your blog awards logo.
2. Place on your blog link to a blog person appointed award.
3. Assign Award to 7 bloggers
4. To add links of these 7 bloggers)
5. To send comments to awarded persons;))
In my turn I award these wonderfull blogs and their owners!):

Thank you and have a great day....

Monday, August 10, 2009

My new Creation

Let me present my new creation FOR THIS WEEK :

Lavina, 6 inches and her old teddy bear, Toasty ; she is on Ebay HERE

She is made from a soft long pile faux-fur fabric. (silver and brown)
Her nose is made from clay and I added claws.
If you click on the picture, I added the Ebay link where you will find more pictures of her.

Thanks for reading