Tuesday, March 24, 2015

New kittens

This week-end, Bella gave us 3 new babies, Spock, Tibuddy and Bilulu.
The story of Bella, a rescued cat who decided 2 months ago to live with us.
She was outside, with nobody to take care of her, and -30 as temperature.
We asked to people around if Bella belongs to someone...and no, she was alone.
What we did not know, she was pregnant, at the very beginning of her pregnancy.
So, labor was long and she has been very courageous but she needed our help with the second one, who was presenting his back in place of the head.
So, she lost a lot of strength there and we had to help her for the third one too.
We think that we have 2 males and 1 girl. ...but we will see.....
And our surprise, one has a short tail, I will show you, on pictures I took.

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