Friday, March 20, 2015

My newest pattern,Thread Crochet Bear, 3.5 in.

Today, the Ailsa pattern has been released on Etsy.

Let me introduce my newest Thread Crochet Teddy Bear Pattern, made from thread.

Crochet Level: Medium and Advanced Beginners

The pattern contains 11 pages of clear instructions, a lot of pictures, fully detailed and you will learn a new technique for filling the head of your teddy bear, how to make a 3D embroidered nose and how to make correctly bendable arms.

This is a pattern that will bring your own creativity to a new level, 

You will need :

Size 10 steel crochet hook. (1.30 mm)
Cotton thread 8
3 mm black onyx eyes 
Needle nose pliers 
Polyester Fiberfill for stuffing. 
Artist pencils or pastels for shading 
Upholstery Thread for jointing 
A Wire brush to fuzz up your bear. 

Please note that all my patterns are protected and registered to Copyright under the number 


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