Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fourth and Last week for my Christmas Creations and a MASTER PIECE

Every year, since 2003, I designed a special teddy bear with something new ; this year, I created Benjamin.

is last Christmas creation for 2010 symbolizes, Christmas with Benjamin the Teddy Bear and inside the glass ball, the Year of the Rabbit (2011), with the mini white rabbit.
The Benjamin style is classical with a bump on his back.
He is on Ebay for the moment (free shipping)

I have two others creations, Davida and Twinkel.
Twinkel is a mini mini teddy bear made from long pile fabric ; he is cute.
She is on Ebay HERE

And Davida, she is a little girl, 3.5 inches tall, made from a mix of different

She is on Ebay, HERE


elen said...

Wow! you are incredibly talented!

Chantal said...

Thanks Elena, Beary Hugs