Friday, November 05, 2010

We are missing Arnold our cockatiel

On last October 15th, Arnold was not in good shape ; he is gone during the night at 2.15 am ; he was not alone ; I was with him, trying to make his pain not so difficult.
Arnold was like a family member, he was following us everywhere ; if we had to travel for my eye treatment at 1600 kms, he was in the car ;he liked it ; when my husband stop the car for a red light, he was not happy and was screaming asking to continue; his master but his best friend was Alain my husband.
Mom was there to share her love ; everyday, he was my pause friend ; staying on my shoulder, putting his head against my neck, he read a book with me during one hour.
Arnold, we are missing you and the big words you were saying... oh yes.... and also when you saw nice girls, you liked to call them....

To view the slideshow I made for Arnold, here is the link :


SweetCandyDreams said...

I'm sorry :(

customteddys said...

What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful bird. I am sure he is dearly missed. Hugs from Vicki