Friday, July 17, 2009

Welcome to my Studio

I just read the blog of Lauralynn, my bear sister, and I remember that I talked about the organization of my studio.

I needed 2 weeks to organize my studio ; and for the EVENT, I took pictures...

I don't understand why my husband did not want to help me.... normally he is the first to help me but for my Studio...

Here you can see all the plastic boxes containing fabrics, felt, yarn, thread, accessories ...etc...

When my part of cleaning was done, he came out of the room with the vacuum and he said : It's frightening, Chantal, I found a carpet in your studio ; just to tell you how it was.

That part was not totally finished when I took the picture ; that's my Administrative Corner, with printers, fax, scan etc.... and pictures of people I like or teddy bears that I like.

Here is the main part of the studio ; my table with all I need when I make my little ones, with my awards and pictures of my family on the wall.

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