Monday, January 26, 2009

My birthday and a digital page

Today is my birthday and I have been spoiled by my dear husband and my children.
For my teddy bears pictures, I received a new lighting studio and a lot of goodies and a restaurant.
I used the bedroom of my grandson because the light there is excellent ; however, I had to move my other studio because it's too dangerous with him around. The light and everything I used for my first studio.
Now I will be able to go everywhere in the house ; everything is included in the package, light, tripod.
As I told you, I'm a spoiled woman.

I would like also to show you my new scrapbook page ; Darren spent the end of the week with us and I asked him to make a Valentine Card for his Mom.
The result is here :


r.mojca said...

Happy birthday, Chantal! And you should be spoiled, you are a wonderful person and a great artist!

Carolina said...

Oh! Chantal, Happy birthday to you!!
My best wishes to you!!