Monday, January 04, 2016

After the Holidays greetings, teddy bear and friends are on Ebay

Two bears/bunny/snowman on Ebay for 5 days.

Both are looking for a new home.
I would like to add a little message to all my collectors about the Teddy Bears Cross Stitch on Tummy, I started in November 2015. I did not tell anything before but I will do it now.
Why I did it ? I needed to raise funds to rescue my cat, Plume who had to have an important surgery.

So, I would like to thanks all my collectors who helped me in that difficult time, as the funds paid the vet bills, even the last one, when she passed away.
To honour Plume, my cat, I will continue the edition for a while and thanks to you all, for the support you gave me.

The second one is Snowy, the white bunny.

He is 6.7 inches tall, very soft and with beautiful handmade eyes.


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