Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pandy, new creation is available on my webpage

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I'm pleased to present you my new creation : Pandy.
She has been created and designed by me : Chantal Giroux
Created from a soft mohair yarn.
Standing just over 4 - 10 cm tall.

Her face is finished with handpainted gentle shadings.

She has black eyes.

She is 5 way jointed.
Firmly stuffed with premium polyfiberfill.
She wears a lovely dress.
Her legs have been weighted by adding polymer clay soles. (New !!!)

She is available on my webpage

And now a few pictures of the little girl



Kays Kids said...

What a little darling.

Rachael said...

I'm learning to make these little bears and so I fully appreciate the skill involved in this beautiful little creation. Pandy is very pretty and her clothes complete the look perfectly. I also like her nose.

ElenaNikitina said...

Маленькая красотка!