Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Ebooklet pulled from the market

I have to pull the Ebooklet from the market because of people misunderstanding the idea of the booklet ; they wanted a pattern included in it; however, because the technique is available for all types of teddy bears in thread,yarn, knitted or crochet, I did not add a specific pattern which was well explained in the item description. People could used it on other patterns from other artists but it looks like the new idea was not understood by some....
I plan to add the personal technique in the book I'm writing now that will most likely be published next year where it will include patterns and "how to".
I'm feeling sorry for that, but I had to take this decision to avoid further problems which are taking time from my beloved teddy bears and eating up the much needed time for the book. If you are still interested to buy the "how to" ... of course NOT including the pattern please feel free to contact me.
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