Thursday, January 31, 2013

The City where I was born

A friend of mine published a video about Kolwezi, the city where I was born and spent my childhood, until 17 years old.
I never went back there, but it stayed in my heart... And a lot of memories, all my family was there.., friends... We were like a family there, only 2550 people in the city, knowing each other very well.
I think that I had to show you that part of my life.

When I see the sun there...all the year...
Life was not very easy, but we were children and everything was pink, with no problems.

I understand now my choice to live in Canada, a large country with nature, animals and bears.
However, the sun is missing... But we have snow...

Here is the video


barefootin' in SC said...

thank You I just watched the video..enjoyed seeing whare you grew up ..sending you mini bear hugs

barefootin' in SC said...

Thank You..just watched the video..enjoyed seeing where you grew up,,sending you mini bear hugs love Jane